Before you Rent

Welcome to Tips RV! We do our best to make our renting process as easy and painless as possible. For your benefit, we have provided a PDF of our RENTAL AGREEMENT which you must read carefully, sign and bring in with you at the time you come to pick up your trailer. We have also provided some instructional videos that runs you threw the operation of RV Travel Trailers and to help you get familiar with them. You are obligated to watch these as you will see it is a requirement in the RENTAL AGREEMENT. ‘

Rental Agreement PDF

*Customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is capable of pulling our trailers. Some things to be certain about include ensuring your trailer Brake Control Box and trailer lights function properly on your vehicles 7-way or 6-way. Ensure your vehicles towing capacity and power is adequate to pull the weight of our trailers (call your dealer for information on your specific vehicle) and consult with us about your tow vehicle before making your reservation.

*You must know, in order to run your 110v outlets, Air conditioning, and microwave you must have a generator or 110v power tree to plug into. A 4000 watt generator minimum to run the A/C and microwave at the same time. Be mindful of some locations noise policies on generators.

*We do have a limited amount of generators for rent. They are $30 a night on a first come first serve basis.