Policies, Guidelines and Suggestions for Renters

*Customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is worthy of pulling our trailers. Some things to be certain about include ensuring your trailer brake control and trailer lights function properly on your vehicle, ensuring your vehicles towing capacity and power is adequate to pull the weight of our trailers (call dealer for information on your specific vehicle)  IT IS VERY WISE TO ENSURE YOUR VEHICLE IS READY AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE DATE. We check your trailer brakes and lights for free. PLEASE UTILIZE THIS SERVICE! We do install trailer brake controllers for your convenience. Call for quote!

*You must know, in order to run your 110v outlets, Air conditioning, and microwave you must have a generator or 110v power tree to plug into. A 4000 watt generator minimum to run the A/C and microwave at the same time. Be mindful of some locations noise policies on generators.

1- No pets! No smoking!  violation of this rule is a minimum of $500.00 charge. We strive our best to be considerate of our customers health needs and concerns. Smoking and animals may jeopardize the friendly status of our trailers. Thank you for your understanding.

2-Return time is no later than 11A.M. Pick up time is between 1-4 P.M.  We may be able to accommodate your needs for an alternate pick up or drop off time, however that is a case by case basis. Please call to check.

3-Tip’s RV provides spare tire, solar panels and Equalizer hitch.

4-Trailers interior and exterior must be returned CLEAN. Bring them back the same way you received them. We charge $98/hr to clean up after you….Clean please.

5-Holding tanks must be dumped before return. There is a $200 dumping fee for those who choose not to dump before hand, NO EXCEPTIONS. We do offer a FULL SERVICE dump for $35 and we take care of dumping for you! You must schedule this dump before your departure date.

6-Propane tanks must be returned with a receipt showing they have been topped off. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7-There is a $25 re-scheduling fee.There is a $25 cancelation fee applied to any cancelation more than 29 days before your departure date. There is a 50% charge of the sum total of your contract if you cancel between 20-29 days before your departure date. There is a 100% charge of the sum total of your contract if you cancel within 20 days of your departure date. Please be sure of your plans before you rent!

8-If equipment is not returned on time as stated on your contract, you will be charged for the time over due. Also note there are no refunds for early returns!

9-Your insurance deductible on any damage to the trailer is $1000

10-By giving us your credit card number, this contract is binding.