Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located on Fairfield Road in Layton, Utah, just off SR-193 southeast of Hill Air Force Base.

What kinds of RV equipment do you sell?
We sell pack bearings, awnings, and many other quality equipment.

Do you service RVs as well?
Yes. We service many kinds of RVs. We repair your RV and make it look like new again.

Can I drop off on Sunday?

Is there a charge line to charge my battery?
It depends if your truck or vehicle is equipped with a charge line.

Do the trailers come with any kitchen or linen supplies?
No, you would have to furnish your own kitchen and linen amenities.

Can I use the microwave and air conditioner?
Yes, if you have full power hookups or at least a 4000 W generator.

Do you have to have a brake box control?

Will I need full hookups?
No, but it may make your stay more enjoyable if you do!

How long will my RV trailer batteries last?
It will depend on your usage, but there is a solar panel on the roof of the RV to keep your batteries charged. Much will depend on usage and if the solar panels are in the shade or not.

Can I use household toilet paper?
No, you must have RV specific toilet paper so it will not clog the pipes.

Do you provide dumping of the trailer?
Yes; we provide a full service dump for $35. Just drop off an forget about it! Must be arranged before your return date.

How big of trailers do you have for rent?
We have 23 foot to 31 foot trailers that range from 4100 pounds to 6300 pounds.

What amenities do your RV trailers have?
All of our trailers are equipped as follows; Air conditioning, full bathroom, furnace, refrigerator, beds, water storage, lights, two batteries, propane tanks, solar panels and a equalizer hitch. Also 110v outlets.

What size ball hitch what I need?
None. We provide a equalizer hitch! Do the trailers come with a generator? No. However, you may rent one for $30 a night.

Do the trailers come with awnings?
Some do, but we suggest that you do not use the awnings if you are inexperienced with them. They are not covered under your insurance and can be very expensive to replace.

Do the trailers have a TV?
Some do some don’t. We don’t guarantee a TV or for it to work.