Policies, Guidelines and Suggestions for Renters


1-Pick up time is between 1-4 P.M. Monday through Friday, and before 12 P.M. on Saturdays. We may be able to accommodate your needs for an alternate pick up or drop off time, however that is a case by case basis. Please contact us to schedule your pick up time.

2-Returns are BEFORE 11 A.M. on your return date. If you fail to return it in a timely manner you will receive a late charge of $25 PER HOUR up to the daily rate. If you are going to be late dropping your unit off, or if you are returning it earlier than the scheduled return date YOU MUST CONTACT US!! Also note that there are NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY RETURNS!!

3-Cruise America does provide provisioning kits for an additional fee. Provision kits are on a first come first serve basis, if you are needing any kits for  your rental please contact us in advance so we can insure that we have a kit(s) ready for you at the time of departure. Tip’s RV has additional items that may be rented for an additional fee as well (coolers, camp chairs, lanterns ect…) .

4-The RV interior and exterior MUST be returned AS CLEAN AS YOU RECEIVED IT!! We charge $50/hr to clean up after you….so please, clean up after yourself.

5-You must use ONLY RV SAFE TOILET PAPER! Cruise America will provide you with a single roll, and we have more available to purchase in our store. Holding tank chemical treatment is also available to help make the dumping process easier.

6-Holding tanks should be dumped and VALVES LEFT OPEN with the cap OFF when the unit is returned. If you have dumped your unit and return it with the valves closed/cap on we will have to charge a $50 dump charge. If you need us to dump it for you it is a $50 charge. These charges will be deducted from your security deposit return.

7-The fuels (gas & propane) must be returned at the same level as when you left with the unit. There is a gas station conveniently located nearby that you may fill the fuels AND wash the exterior of the unit. There is no compensation for over filling the fuel tanks. All re-fill fees will be deducted from your security deposit return.

8-There is a $300 deposit required to hold your reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation, your deposit may be refunded as long as you cancel more than 7 days prior to your scheduled departure date. NO EXCEPTIONS!

9-If you need to use the TOW feature on the RV there is a $25 PER DAY fee. The maximum tow capacity is 2200lbs

10-There is a $3.50 PER HOUR generator usage fee.


Zero Deductible Plan – Additional Coverage for your Rental

Cruise America does offer free supplemental liability insurance with your rental, this will cover any reported damage NOT caused by you. However, you are responsible for ANY damages to the vehicle while it is in your possession. Cruise America does offer a Zero Deductible plan for $9.95 per day, this will cover any incidental damage up to $1500.